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Solid Chemistry: A Slow-Release Solution for Continuous Treatment.

Solid Chemistry is Often the Most Cost-Effective Solution.

Weighted Treatments that Solve Problems Where They Occur.

Solid Chemistry

System Saver® Pellets and Smart Balls® are solid chemistry products formulated with the same chemistries found in liquids.  They are weighted to fall through fluid and treat problems in wells and in surface equipment.

Benefits include:

  • Slowly release a continuous, long-term chemical treatment
  • Invaluable in locations where liquid chemistries are difficult to apply
  • When used in proper application, System Saver® Pellets are a more cost-effective solution than liquid chemistry
  • No chemical pump or tank.  Batch and Monitor
  • Unlike liquid chemicals, no risk of spill or environmental contamination
  • Effective in treating both sweet and sour systems

All of our Solid Chemistry Products are available in formulations for:

  • Water Treatment & Solids Control
  • Corrosion Inhibition
  • Scale Control
  • Paraffin Control
  • Salt Removal
  • Bacteria (Registered Biocides)
  • Well and tank clean up

Smart Balls®
Smart Balls® are an excellent choice for treating natural gas or crude oil pipelines. Used alone or followed by pigging, Smart Balls® dissolve in low-lying areas of settled water and provide a release of chemicals such as corrosion inhibitor or EPA-registered biocides. When followed by a pig, Smart Balls® create a film coating for maintained corrosion protection.

Smart Balls® are also effective in treating stagnant fluid in storage tanks, when a long-term, slow-release application is needed.

System Saver® Pellets
Sytem Saver® Pellets are ideal for downhole treatment. They are designed to treat the fluid in the column and settle below the pump, thus treating the rat hole and stagnant fluid in the well. As the fluids flow out of the perforations, a portion falls to the rat hole and exchanges with chemically treated fluids from the pellets, along for continuous, long-term treatment. System Saver® Pellets do not require pumps or circulation, which means no extra equipment costs and no lost production.