We have the right solution for you.

Production Chemicals

Jacam has the expertise to evaluate any oil and gas challenge and design a program to maximize production while minimizing costs. From demulsification and flow assurance issues to corrosion management, the Jacam team will work with you to create a customized production chemical program that delivers the results you need.

Fracturing Chemicals

We offer a broad selection of fracturing chemicals. Our highly experienced team will work with you to define the downhole conditions and formation characteristics to customize the fracturing chemicals best suited for your program.

Stimulation Chemicals

Our comprehensive approach to well stimulation includes:

  • Analyzing the well to assess the challenges
  • Developing customized chemicals optimized for performance
  • Designing a program to optimize delivery of the chemical package to the formation (reservoir)

If you’re working with formation skin damage, paraffin, asphaltene, carbonate scales, sulfate scales or other inorganic deposition in the near wellbore, Jacam has the expertise to help you solve these problems.

Drilling Fluids

Jacam’s sister company, AES Drilling Fluids, offers customized solutions to provide maximum drilling efficiency and environmental care. AES’s experienced scientists, office and field engineers are committed to solving problems faced by operators. Learn more at www.aesfluids.com.