ISO 9001 Quality RED CMYK
Jacam is a manufacturer of oilfield chemicals. The company manufactures more than 500 products across 40 product lines, has more than 40 U.S.-registered patents, and owns eight trademarked solutions that were researched and developed in Jacam’s laboratory. We continue to work to maintain our leading edge by constantly developing new and innovative products for our customers.


Our world-class manufacturing facilities reflect Jacam’s scientific innovation and commitment to creating the highest quality products for our customers. Jacam’s Sterling, Kansas, chemical manufacturing facility is registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. These Quality Tools and practices are employed throughout the plant. Jacam adheres to our Quality Policy which  states:

We are focused on delivering “best-in-class” service to our customers. This is achieved through documented information that is communicated and understood for all processes. This will allow for a commitment to continually improve our Quality Management System and to provide superior products, accurate quantities and timely deliveries. Maintaining a safe and clean work environment is critical to achieving these goals.


At Jacam, we believe we have a responsibility to leave a clean and healthy environment for the future generations of this world. Jacam’s manufacturing facilities are environmentally conscious, low-emissions facilities. We use responsible manufacturing processes that allow us to create the highest quality products without negatively affecting the environment. Our manufacturing facility was designed and built with responsible manufacturing in mind, making our facility unlike any other chemical manufacturer in the United States.