Designing Innovative Products to Meet Your Needs.

Jacam is known as an innovator in the oil and gas industry.

We develop cost-effective chemical solutions that solve problems in our industry worldwide.

Jacam’s research and development scientists are experts in the disciplines of surface, organic, polymer and analytical chemistry.

We work closely with our customers to ensure we provide the solutions they need. When customers are faced with new problems that require new solutions, Jacam’s scientists will work to create a new product that meets the need.

Jacam maintains a firm position at the leading edge of our industry in developing new and innovative chemical products.


We Solve Problems.

Jacam is committed to doing whatever it takes to provide our customers with the solutions they need. Take a look at some of the ways Jacam has successfully solved our customers’ problems:

Jacam Extends Filter Life in Water Flood Injection System from 2-3 Hours to 20-25 Days

Jacam Reduces Haynesville H2S Treatment Costs by 65% in Two Weeks

Jacam Corrosion Solution Extends Life of Fire Tubes by >1300%

Corrosion Tests Prove Long-Lasting Effectiveness of Jacam’s SuperCorr® PT

Jacam Solves Corrosion Problem in 24” Pipeline

Jacam Reduces Emulsion from 5% to 0.4% and Eliminates Hot Oiling

Jacam Couples Static Mixers with WGS 50 WC to Decrease H2S From 650-2,600 ppm to <70 ppm

Jacam’s Solid Chemistry Increases Paraffin Removal by 42% for West Texas Customer

Jacam Invents Weighted Liquid Product to Treat BaSO4 in Plunger Wells

Jacam Treatment More Than Doubles Recovered Oil from Mississipi Lime SWDs

Jacam Reduces Oil Carryover by 84% in Arbuckle SWDs

Jacam’s Smart Fluid® Exponentially Improves Injectivity in Oklahoma SWD

Jacam More Than Doubles Production with Acid Cleanup

Jacam Significantly Reduces Failures with BaSO4 and Corrosion Inhibitor Solid Chemistry

Jacam Stops Salt Plugging in South Williston Field

Jacam Reduces Powder River Basin Customer’s Paraffin and Emulsion Treatment Costs By 95%


SUPERCORR is a trademark of Canadian Energy Services LP and is used under license.