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Cost-Effective Chemistries & Service to Optimize Wellbore Productivity.

Jacam Catalyst can scale to meet your job scope and provide post-job production monitoring via our Production Chemicals group.


Fracture Fluids

Jacam Catalyst provides all products necessary for slickwater, cross-linked or acid fracturing. This includes but is not limited to guar slurries (varying guar loading available), KCl Substitutes, non-emulsifiers, cross-linkers, breakers, scale inhibitors, biocides, surfactants, cation/anion friction reducers, acid corrosion inhibitors and micro-emulsions.

All recommendations can be provided with the necessary pre-qualification testing, such as high pressure/temperature rheology, friction-reducer loop evaluation, surface tension evaluation, emulsion tendency, kill study and scale inhibition testing. Products can be provided in totes or ISOs depending upon the logistics required. We aim to tailor the fluid system to provide cost-effective solutions that enhance the stimulation treatment.