We Solve Problems

Our highly trained technical staff specializes in problem solving. Our engineers are proven in their oil and gas well treatment experience and their ability to diagnose problems, research solutions and deliver practical products that provide cost-effective results.

Our field engineers work hand in hand with Jacam’s laboratory to provide detailed and accurate analysis, which in turn leads to the most effective treatments for our customers’ wells.

Experience Jacam

Evenflow.Still064We realize that many field problems are unique to a region or even to an individual well. At Jacam we take the time to build trust with and listen to our customers so we can understand the exact nature of the various problems they are facing. Once the problems have been identified, our scientists design specific chemistries to solve those problems. Even if the answer requires the invention of a brand-new chemical solution, Jacam will always do whatever it takes to meet our customers’  needs.

Mobile Laboratory

Jacam has a number of mobile laboratories that can be deployed anywhere in the continental United States. Our mobile labs give Jacam engineers the ability to provide fast and accurate analysis of wells on location. Jacam’s mobile laboratories are perfect for surveys or for any time our customers need results especially quickly.

labTrailer from james j on Vimeo.