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Drill Pipe Protection

Jacam Catalyst provides a unique and state-of-the-art chemical application for protection on drill pipe against various types of corrosion, scale, oxygen and H2S attack.

The trailer-mounted totes contain specific chemicals needed for drilling in the specific environment. Electric chemical pumps are mounted on the trailer, the chemical line secured and chemical is then slowly slip streamed into the drilling mud over a 24-hour period.

Rates and applications are easily adjusted, and no handling, mixing or manual application is required. Tailored application of the chemical is achieved through adjustment of the pump rate. Chemical slugs after drill pipe trips are achieved by increasing the rate for a short period of time.

Account managers will visit the well site location a minimum of twice per week. Various routine testing is performed on location. Testing includes but is not limited to pH levels, H2S ppm, dissolved oxygen ppm, chlorides and total hardness. Computer-generated reports  including updated inventory control, chemical cost, recommendations, and testing analysis are provided at each rig visit.