What is Treatpoint?

Treatpoint is a unique customer service tool offered exclusively by Jacam. Treatpoint is an easy-to-use, web-accessible computer program that allows Jacam’s customers to see what treatments Jacam is applying to their wells, treatment history, cost of treatment, analytical data and reports and current treatment plans. Treatpoint allows Jacam customers to view cost data for individual wells as well as aggregate costs. Treatpoint is updated weekly – and daily in some locations — to keep our customers current on treatment plans and other data.

Customers are given login credentials to Treatpoint that allow them to access the program online. Built-in privacy protocols ensure that each customer can only see their own company’s wells, maintaining the confidentiality of all of our customer’s data. Treatpoint was built and designed by Jacam and is not offered by anyone else. Jacam offers Treatpoint as a service to our customers at no additional charge.

To obtain login information or to ask any questions, contact your Jacam representative or contact us by phone or email to find out more.